Steps to epic homeownership

We make it easy

Buying an epic home is easy, by design. Here are a few steps you can expect to take.

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Your own kitchen island. Stainless steel appliances. Living room feature wall. Plus multi-functional rooms. Yes, all of the above is in every epic home, no upgrades necessary. All that’s left to choose is what’s outside: the exterior style and color package (epic offers three options for each) that deliver the right character and curb appeal. Focus less on optional complications and more on good, easy living. That’s epic.

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Connect With Us

Once you’ve identified which epic homes may be a fit for you, it’s time to visit a retail sales center to connect with a home expert. In addition to helping you find and purchase the home that will meet your needs, our experts can help you understand other factors like land and financing. Buying a manufactured home differs from buying a site-built home, and our experts are here for every step.

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When dreams become reality. Your home expert will continue to guide you through every decision and piece of paperwork needed to get a set of keys in your hand and get settled. Homework will get done. Details will be ironed out. All in order to ensure your home is delivered on time, and exactly how and where you want it.

Enjoy Your Home

Owning an epic home means making it your own. As with any homeownership journey, freedom comes with responsibility. Regular home maintenance like changing air filters on a regular basis, for example, is required. You can rest easy knowing that each Clayton Built® epic home comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. For warranty details, talk with your home expert.